Conspiracy theories are nothing new but COVID has lit a fire under things, hasn’t it? Recently, after entering notes in my garden journal, I popped over to Facebook and found myself reading yet another article on the pandemic conspiracy. Suddenly, a voice inside giggled and said, “You’re conspiring to restore the native flora around Comet Lake.” I paused and sat up tall as a light bulb went off in my head. I said the word “conspiration” out loud followed by a joy-filled laugh. I mean, presidents can make up words, so why not me? 

conspiration (verb): to act or work towards making the world a better place 

Often peaceful body image activists (myself included) will encourage folks to consider what could be accomplished with all the time and energy spent hating/trying to change their bodies. I thought to myself, what if everyone took all the time and energy spent watching “documentaries” and arguing on-line and applied it to their deepest desires for a better world. Let’s change the conversation to this; How are YOU conspiring to make the world a better place right now? It’s a fundamental yogic concept: be the change you want to see in the world. I warmed up my coffee and started a list of things I am doing to make the world a better place even in the midst of corruption, division, confusion, etc..

  • continuing my personal healing journey and regular self-care which currently looks like (but is not limited to) my yoga practice, therapy (marital and individual), working an Ala-non program and spending as much time as possible in nature
  • checking in on friends, family and clients regularly to ensure my circles have support in these stressful times
  • speaking up and out about injustice and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, especially working on my own inherited racism
  • continuing to share yoga whenever, however through my work and volunteer activities in a a safe and ethical way
  • increasing my involvement/service with local non-profits

Here’s some conspiration others in my life are up to. Share yours in the comments below!

  • fostering animals
  • clearing invasive species in public lands
  • doing yard work, shopping, meal prep for those quarantined or overextended with family/work obligations
  • cleaning up litter and beautifying neighborhoods
  • planting community gardens
  • supporting artists through Patreon, buying music/art/crafts/etc., sharing through social media
  • starting home school co-ops
  • offering enrichment activities for kids of working parents through ZOOM
  • mentoring in any way possible
  • donating blood if able
  • creating art
  • furthering their education
  • supporting farmers and local businesses
  • pursuing their dreams
  • taking some time to rest and restore themselves deeply
  • making masks for public health
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