On-line Classes

Ready to practice and play with me? Get instant access now to:

  •  14 one hour gentle to moderate yoga sessions 
  • 8 half hour gentle to moderate yoga sessions
  • 3 special classes (chair and restorative)
  • 13 audio meditations 

PLUS my first Yoga Life Module “Navigating Change” which includes:

  • a one hour Master Class with movement, mudra and mantra 
  • three 5-15 minute Yoga Break videos based off our Master Class and are easy to slip into your day anytime
  • Yoga Life mini eBook complete with:
    • journal page download for self-reflection 
    • creative expression exercise for integration
    • intention setting guide and affirmations  

Unlimited access to this entire library for just $39.99!

About the Practices

My classes are well-rounded, gentle to moderate yoga sessions suitable for most bodies and levels of practice. Each class is set up in thirds. First is a “warm-up” portion consisting of a centering and several simple floor-based movements for opening and relaxing body and mind. This alone is a great beginner practice. The “work” phase builds strength, balance and focus with more engaging floor postures and/or standing and balancing poses. In the “wind- down” section, we deepen into delicious finishing poses and a final relaxation to restore our energy and enhance overall well-being. 

The Audio Meditations are 15 minute mindfulness meditations you can listen to just about anytime. Each meditation has a different theme inspired by nature or a specific topic from yoga. Meditation is the real magic of the practice guiding you in releasing the unnecessary suffering our mind can cause along our life journey.

Interested? Give it a try for a week and if it’s not your thing after 7 days, email me for a full refund. Here’s a teaser of a few class session. I hope you’ll join me to practice and play soon!

Peace and Namaste.