Yoga is deeply personal. Every teacher teaches differently. Every student practices distinctly. Each individual soul longs to be a full and unique expression of love.

For these reasons, I’ve created three separate courses for my students. Each one has (or will soon have) an online version that you can work through on your own. Each can also be facilitated as a three hour workshop or full weekend retreat. These can also serve as the outline for private coaching together. Contact me to book sessions for your private group of at least 6 or to have me in to your favorite studio. See the events page for my calendar of¬†offerings.¬†

For those who have an intense urge for spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting.



I spent fifteen years of my life embroiled in a battle with my body and food. It robbed me of health, joy and love but my experience with an eating disorder also made me who I am and inspired me to embark on a service-based career. Via eight, in-depth, multi-media modules, this course guides students in healing body image and eating issues through the path of yoga in a profound yet practical way. Structured around the chakra system, it also provides a strong foundation for any yoga practitioner at any point along their journey. The eCourse is offered free of charge though donations are appreciated. Click HERE to access.


I’ve always been intrigued by story, myth and metaphor. When I discovered the pantheon of Hindu Goddesses in my yogic study, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! These lovely ladies provide a powerful formula for growing you personal power from a place of love and service. I used (and continue to use) their wisdom in evolving my relationships and business. Let them help you discover, rather remember, just how amazing you are and how to go about creating your best life. Goddess Wisdom Coaching is currently available. eCourse coming soon. Click HERE to learn more about this offering.




Perhaps these first two courses don’t speak to you, BLOOM may be your best bet. Designed with everyone else in mind, this simple system breaks down the complexities of yoga to bring you a light and fun approach to personal growth. A great course to go through if you are in a little rut, working on a new thing, or making some significant life changes. As with the Goddess Wisdom, coaching is available now with the eCourse launch set for late 2018. Click HERE to explore more.