California Dreaming’ (and Ohio too)

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”
-Anais Nin

Dreams…what are yours? Which ones have come true? Which ones have fallen through. I love dreaming, just letting my heart expand into unbridled desire and my mind play with the ways things could manifest. In this post I share about some dreams of mine and their unique paths because this dream thing is not always cut and dry. Read on for my 3 main musings on dreams. I hope they inspire you to keep on dreaming. I’ve also added some resources to support your journey. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

1. Dreams are anything but static. They evolve and may have several cycles of death and rebirth. 

To this day, my greatest dream come true was having a horse of my own. I always thought I’d have to wait till I could buy one myself but at just 18 the horse of my dreams showed up and was in my life for 20 years changing things for the better. That big dream evolved into wanting to bring others into the realm of equus where I’ve found so much joy, healing and self-empowerment. From 2013-2014 this manifested magically as Crystal Awakenings where Madison Graves and I led equine-assisted groups, individual sessions and a retreat for our local community. Life unfolded as it does which included Madison and our horses moving to Texas ending that phase of this dream. Just this summer our herd returned to Ohio (great!) but without Madison to co-facilitate (bummer…). THEN, seemingly out of nowhere, I was invited to collaborate with Hope Meadows, a local non-profit providing Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning to the community. I am over the moon! Check out the Yoga and Horses Group now offered there by clicking HERE. 

My point here is, don’t get attached to HOW your dreams will become reality and be patient. They are dynamic and multidimensional. They have seasons. They ebb and flow. You may think they are ending but sometimes they are just in transition. As long as the desire is there, allow it. Talk about it, share it, meditate on it but also surrender and trust the flow. 

2. Dreams often exceed expectations.

Not only did I get my own horse but he and I went on to compete successfully at the local and national level in show jumping. We literally FLEW together. And Hope Meadows, it was founded in part by colleagues I had worked with years ago in the eating disorders field. Two of my passions colliding (horses and recovery) and then a third (yoga) being a perfect fit. I’m in awe of how these dreams expanded!

Another example of this happened just this fall. Since the day my daughter Elle fell in love with my favorite band the Red Hot Chili Peppers I’ve dreamt of taking her to see them perform in Southern California. This fall we traveled west to cross this off our Bucket List. As we were waiting to get into the festival, I saw Captain Paul Watson, Elle’s  all-time greatest hero, was on the schedule to speak THAT DAY. We made our way to the Storyteller’s Stage early overjoyed that we would be anywhere near this eco-warrior. Then Mr. Watson walked right up behind Elle and she had the chance to directly share her gratitude for his work creating the Sea Shepherd’s Conservation Society. Also unbeknownst to me, my favorite artist of all time, Robert Wyland, was painting murals at this event and I got to meet him too! Learn  more about both of these amazing gentlemen by clicking on their names above. 

Dreams have a way of manifesting in ways we could have never imagined. This is because our minds simply can’t comprehend the infinite potential of the Universe. It seeks to co-create with us so surrender the control, enjoy the ride and watch what emerges from there. Be open to something better!

3. Dreams will make you WORK.

Before I met my husband I spent a year getting really clear on what I wanted in a partner. I dreamed of sharing not just the joys but the real struggles of this life with someone who would meet me as equal on the journey. I wanted someone who would value the soul work I believe we are all here to do. Five years into this relationship I am in the depths of my own personal growth again finding it hard to be vulnerable and trust the person I love to see me through to the other side. I catch myself in self-sabotage cycles when I feel insecure and trauma resurfaces. It is the dream of conscious partnership the gives me the courage to heal through the old pain below these destructive habits. 

The path of yoga offers us unparalleled support through this hard stuff. Currently I’m integrating Kundalini practices in the my personal sadhana and also revisiting the Goddess Wisdom cCourse. I’m using the Gaia app for the Kundalini (click HERE) and you can find it locally at Tracy Rhinehart’s Yoga 108 School (click HERE). Practice Goddess Wisdom with me and Kristy Leahy over on Udemy (click HERE)

Thanks for reading and please share if you like. And always, dream on!

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