Revolutionary Resolutions

One day in my early 20’s I sat back and wondered what would happen if women, all women everywhere, simply stopped fighting with their bodies. What kind of force would be unleashed into the stratosphere? What could all the time, energy, focus, “will power,” money, creativity, and emotion spent on the diet gimicks, fitness fads, elective plastic surgery, modified foods, etc. support instead of the illusion that body transformation will make you _________________ (fill in the blank for yourself here). This contemplation was sparked early in my own recovery process after a powerful awakening to peaceful body image (click here for more on that). It occurred before being introduced to the concepts of Goddess, Shakti, the Divine Feminine and such. I don’t think I even knew what feminism was yet (yikes!).

I did know however, the truth of my own experience. 

I knew the constant battle with my body and food depleted my life force and distracted me from my dreams. I knew it was never going to be enough or make me finally feel like I was worthy of love. I knew waiting for my life to begin when I reached a fantasy figure was cowardice disguised as prudence. I knew constantly judging my body eroded self-esteem and confidence more than the size of my thighs. I knew all the rules I made for eating and moving where attempts to feel in control of life which we ultimately can’t control. I knew when I dared to defy the culture, my family legacy of weight obsession and my own inner critic that I was changing more than my life; I knew I was changing the world. 

Indeed much has changed in the last 25 years. The body positive movement is in full swing much to my delight. Sadly, much has stayed the same. I continue to see women lament their bodies and get sucked into every new food trend that captures media attention. Fear, guilt and shame reign supreme when one eats something sweet…or with carbs…or wheat…or dairy…ugh, it’s exhausting. Here we are at the precipice of a new decade and in a full court press for women’s liberation (for real this time) but still a vast majority of women will kick off 2020 in the nebulous realm of body negative new year’s resolutions.

I thought body peace was important 20 years ago. Now it feels absolutely essential for women, every single one of us, to not spend one more moment dimming our own light. Slaying the patriarchy is an inside job first and foremost. I know it’s scary. I know it’s hard. I know it’s confusing, especially now that diet culture is more creative. The insidiously addictive obsession with controlling our bodies masquerades as self-care now more than ever. I’m proposing a brave and bold shift. Dare to diverge. Go bigger not smaller with yourself as you set the stage for your year. Tap into your deepest desires over the superficial. Expand your presence. Fully embrace your existence. Set yourself and others free. Lead by example. Here are just a few suggestions for Revolutionary Resolutions that truly heal and empower ourselves and each other. Use them for inspiration and make them your own. I’d love to hear your ideas! And should you want to work together more intimately around resolving eating and body images challenges check out the upcoming Women, Food and Horses program (click HERE), Private PEACE Coaching (click HERE) and Body Karma Healing Basics Workshop (click HERE). Peace and Namaste.

This year I will…

prioritize my passion.

break free from unhealthy relationships.

align more fully with my dharma.

serve others with balance and grace.

write poetry.

write letters.

speak up against injustice.


nourish my body.

listen to my body.

treat my body with respect.

create art.

move mindfully.

plant trees.

express myself unfiltered.

embrace emotions.

embrace silence.

speak my truth.


speak kindly.

stand up for myself.

stand up for others.


read more.

listen more.

rest when I need to.

release negative self-beliefs.

give compliments.

receive compliments without deflection.

practice meditation.

practice yoga as yoga, not fitness.

practice random acts of kindness.

walk in the woods.


honor boundaries (your own and others).

buy less plastic.

have more face to face conversations.

command equal pay.

tip well.

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