Gentle Life

Gentle Life

I lay by the water 
full of heartache
A child gone
her soul moved on

by my pain
Why is it this way?

A friend
A colleague
A Mother like no other

I can’t imagine her loss

There’s a pull to rise 
to speak her name
Speak to her
though it may be in vain

I did not know you well on Earth
yet I was struck by your strength
your grace

I don’t know what to do
but I am open to your wisdom
your Truth                                                      

From the stillness
a few simple words emerge

Live a gentle life.

Dear Friends,

I write to you through tears. A friend of mine just lost her daughter. Serena had CF and we knew her life would be “limited” but this unfolded much sooner than expected. While I could present any number of other topics for this month’s post, this is what’s most present for me right now and my heart was called to share this sweet message from Serena. Of course I could keep writing about this concept and expound yoga’s teachings (God knows I love to go on and on…), it feels right to leave this light and simply say I love you.


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