Body Food Peace

How do you feel about your body? How do you feel in it? How do you treat it? Does body image stop you from living your life to the fullest?

If your answers to these inquiries are anything less than loving, you’re not alone. Body image issues, and the problematic eating habits that arise from them, negatively affect millions of women of all shapes, sizes and ages. These struggles diminish our capacity to enjoy the life we have and inhibit our ability to manifest even more. 

Can you relate?

If so, I invite you to take a unique journey. For years, I’ve helped women find peace with their bodies and food through my work as a non-diet dietitian (I know, that’s quite an oxymoron) and yoga teacher. I know this struggle. It robbed me of joy for 15 years. I also know freedom. I live it everyday. This area is so important to me that I created this free ecourse and offer expert coaching to support women in realizing the liberation and empowerment that comes from body food peace. Explore it on your own or partner with me to make the big shift to the happier, healthier, fully empowered life you desire.

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The Body Karma Healing eCourse

 Practice, play and find your way to body food peace through 8 interactive modules that include:

  • A journey through The Chakra System and 8 Limbs of Yoga with specific application to body image, eating and self-esteem/ empowerment challenges
  • Powerful journal prompts that get to the roots of your unique blocks to body peace and your life purpose
  • Audio and video guidance of signature BKH PEACE Practices
  • PDF downloads to help you build a strong, safe and effective personal yoga practice 
  • Inspirational quotes and empowering affirmations specific to each chakra and more
  • Eating and exercise guidance that goes beyond tracking calories, carbs, points, weight, steps, etc.

Get started now and come back again soon!

BKH eCourse Introduction Module 1: The Fundamentals Module 2: Grounding Into Your Worth

Module 3: Flowing Through Life Module 4: Creating Change Consciously Module 5: Living In Love

Module 6: Expressing For Exaltation Module 7: Knowing It All Module 8: Unfolding Into Unity

Practice Guide Audio Meditations

Modules 2-8 include PDF Practice Guides that each have a link to an audio meditation for that chakra at the end (except for Chakra 7, you’ll see why). Due to my website update in 2018, the links in the PDF’s are broken so I’ve put each of them here as well as a button to them in each module. Having them here also makes it easier to come back to for regular practice. I’ve also added the PHAT Practice Meditation and a Mindful Eating Meditation here as well. Practice on!

Module 2 Meditation: 1st Chakra Module 3 Meditation: 2nd Chakra Module 4 Meditation: 3rd Chakra

Module 5 Meditation: 4th Chakra Module 6 Meditation: 5th Chakra Module 7 Meditation: 6th Chakra

PHAT Practice Meditation Mindful Eating Meditation

When all woman are at peace in their bodies, then we will realize world peace.