Unfolding Into Unity

Module 8: SAHASARA Chakra

 You have the right to YOGA: Your Original Gifts Awakened





Here we are, at the end of this journey. Or are we? One of the greatest illusions, and I believe the core cause of human suffering, is the belief that anything ends. Believing it does comes from Maya Mala, the concept of separation discussed in Module 2. This idea creates painful body image as we mistakenly assume our soul ends, or is defined and confined, by the boundary of the body. That the physical dimensions of said body somehow express our worth, our wisdom, our wellness. What really needs to end is this cultural and personal story of our difference from Source, nature and each other so we may open fully to the Gifts of Embodiment and our Divine Dharma.

If you find me not within you, you will never find me. For I have been with you from the beginning of me.


Beyond my body my veins are invisible.

                                -Antonia Porchia

Module 8 brings us to the end of a journey with “The FAT Experience” so we can begin a new phase of manifestation. This is not linear at all my friend! We cycle through forgetting and remembering again and again. Through healing and hurting, through creating and destroying, through death and rebirth many times. I believe this is reincarnation; the process of ego death, layer by layer, that frees space for our soul to come more fully into this body in this life. I’m not convinced we literally come back in another physical form. Who the heck knows and does that really matter? Right now, the present, is the moment of both peace and power if we allow it to be. Sahasara chakra is about understanding and unity. This energy center is our direct line to the Divine for when we’re aligned with self-love we become peace. We’re dialed in, connected to All. The path of yoga teaches that God is within everything. Every person, every plant, even in inanimate objects as they too were created by someone or something. The energy of creation itself is God. This chakra relates to: 

awareness & understanding

consciousness & spiritual connection 

intelligence (emotional/spiritual)

Self-knowledge of our universal identity is the orientation of this center. The ultimate intelligence, and key to world peace, being all of us knowing ourselves as Divine. Given we are at the end of this course it feels right to take you back to the beginning of my own journey home, to the experience that  introduced me to the path of yoga though I would not come to recognize that until years later. 

Practice Point


No, this is not a picture of me doing yoga. It is a picture that captures for me what yoga is…union. My relationship with this horse early in life taught me yoga before I ever stepped on a mat. This fellow sentient being taught me to balance my Shiva and Shakti energy and that I could manifest, that I had the power to create.

You possess that power too.

Read my blog post about my lesson in karma from Patrick by clicking HERE. Journal your reactions and reflections. Answer these questions at the end: What are you creating in your world, in our world? Is it what you really want? If not, are you ready to shift it?

All of us have a story of despair that ends in delight or at least some learning that empowers you. Often for women it’s this challenge with the body. I view eating disorders as a right of passage for women meant to fully awaken in this incarnation. It may be something else though, another type of addiction, a trauma experience, a physical or “mental illness.” It’s something that forced you to surrender all you believed yourself and your life to be before the experience. It “blew your mind” and opened your heart to who you really are. Even if you’re currently in the throws of an eating disorder and/or painful body image, you can likely connect to a time when your cosmic wisdom came through and changed you, rather returned you to Truth if only for a fleeting moment. What have you experienced that helped you to know there was something more?

Practice Point

soulesteemThis concept is often referred to as the Hero’s Journey. In the yoga tradition, the lotus flower represents this. The lotus flower starts as a tough seed. In order to grow, it needs to root down into the darkness of earth (the body, root chakra), underwater (emotion, sacral charka), then grows up toward the sun (power, solar plexus chakra) until it breaks the surface meeting air (love, heart chakra) and begins to express itself (creativity, throat chakra) blossoming into it’s full potential in the light (third eye and crown chakras). 

Like the lotus flower, our practice or life off the mat can start in the muck. In order to grow, we need to find roots. As we swim to the surface, the water can distort the appearance of the sun (light/Truth) and this distortion can become a source of frustration, concern and despair. However, we break the surface by breathing into life as it is. From here, we’re able to blossom into our True Selves. Even once the lotus, or person, or situation, or whatever—has blossomed, it can still fluctuate between open and closed.

What has brought you to a place of greater understanding about yourself, your life, life in general? What has connected you to humanity in a deeper way? Take some time to write, draw, talk about these experiences and complete you eCourse journey with the following work.

Exploring & Healing Sahasara

My dear friends, thank you for journeying with me. I hope this is not the end of your yoga journey and time with me. I do hope to know you more, to know your story, your soul. Connect as you feel called to and as always, continued blessings. You will be in my heart as you go through the Practice Guides here and complete your Energy Body Mapping. 

Module 8 Practice Guide: Unfolding 

Practice Point

This is it! Make your mark with the lotus flower unfolding at your crown, or maybe you make a crown. Illustrate the illumination of your understanding and unfolding into your ultimate awesomeness. Show your healing from separation all around your image. Go off the page! I suggest hanging this art over your bed for a period of time. When I first did mine, it hung over me for a year until I burned it in sacred ceremony at my first BIG BKH Retreat. Do what you are guided to with yours, with everything in your life.

Live BIG beautiful! Aho and namaste.