BKH Workshops

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“We’ve come a long way baby!” and yet most women still struggle with body image issues that affect all aspects of life from how we eat and move to trusting our intuition, emotions, creativity and more. Join this workshop to:

👉discover the #1 reason women struggle with body image (hint: it’s not the media)

👉explore the spectrum of body image experiences beyond the black and white “negative vs. positive” paradigm and what these tell us about our lives

👉gain a fresh perspective on feelings of fear, guilt and shame around our bodies, food and heart’s desires

👉learn how to set yourself free from food, weight and wellness worries through simple yet sacred yogic practices that empower the true you


ALL WOMEN (and those who identify as such) WELCOME!

No matter where you are along your journey, there’s a place in this circle for you.  

Wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat (props are provided but feel free to bring your own. This workshop includes a blend of gentle yoga practices (movement, breath work, mantra, meditation) sharing circles and dharma talks. It is suitable for all levels including chair practice if preferred. Please request this at sign-up so we may create the space everyone needs to feel supported. Be prepared to go deep and reclaim body peace!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

“I recently attended one of your workshops. It was a safe, wide open space to contemplate, rejuvenate and transform. What a valuable offering this is to the heart of women and the whole of the Universe.”

-Caryn Steerman, Akron, OH

Body Karma Healing (BKH) is my signature, yoga-based program designed to free women from challenges with body image, food, exercise and embracing their full creative power. Inspired by my own recovery and career in eating disorders treatment, BKH goes beyond cognitive behavioral approaches to address the roots of disconnection that affect body peace and therefore our entire lives. I believe changing this all too common dynamic within ourselves releases a force of love that moves our collective healing forward exponentially. To bring BKH to your studio, workplace or personal space, let’s connect: [email protected]