Beyond Barbie: 3 Keys to Body Peace Webinar

We’ve come a long way baby

Wait…have we?


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Body image…it’s complicated.

We all have a body. It’s a core part of the human experience. Sadly for many, especially women, just being in a body is uncomfortable, distressing or even emotionally painful. Good luck finding spaces where no one is lamenting about their body with statements such as “I feel fat.”

Then there’s the scale…

Talk about a loaded topic! For some, just the sight of a scale flips the anxiety switch. For others, the mere thought of NOT tracking their weight is unfathomable. Then there’s all the confusing, conflicting data on what a “healthy weight” even is.

And food…frustrated much?

Eat this, don’t eat that. You should fast, no wait, you’ll mess up your metabolism. Or will you? It can feel like nothing’s safe or you’re always doing it wrong. The whole nutrition thing is super overwhelming given the current wellness landscape.

Don’t despair, there’s hope!

First off, it’s not your fault. Give yourself a break! Some self-compassion is the first step. Secondly, know this: you don’t have to constantly struggle with your body, eating and exercise. We’re going to get you heading in a direction that fits with your unique body experience and aligns with all aspects of you: body, mind, heart and soul.


Attend this webinar to learn:

  • the real reason women so often “feel FAT”   

  • why the scale keeps us stuck 

  • how to sustainably change your wellness game

Leave with tools to help you:

  • feel FREE in your current body  

  • break the spell of the scale

  • eat, move, LIVE peacefully