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Life is tough right now. A pandemic, political divide, environmental devastation and more. It seems as if all we’ve known is crumbling down. Overwhelm, confusion and hopelessness can easily consume us. Or…

we can surrender to the truth,

we can heal deeply, 

we can create anew…


Find support and inspiration in my new course designed to help us thrive in this transformative time. With RESILIENCE as our theme we’ll travel six soulful sessions together:

Sessions 1 & 2 Breakdown: Often framed as bad, breaking down is essential to healing, growth and manifestation. We’ll take the time needed to tend our hearts, minds and bodies through this important step. Face fears and lovingly deconstruct the structures within that cause resistance, doubt and self-sabotage when change occurs. Learn how to stay centered in the chaos and build self-compassion in the process.

Sessions 3 & 4 Dream On: Kids are resilient because they dream. Reawaken your inner child through playful movement, untamed imagining and creative self-expression. Learn how to identify, connect with and trust your sacred desires. We’ll also explore what’s happening in our nighttime dreams for guidance in making conscious shifts in our daily lives. 

Sessions 5 & 6 Restructure: What’s going to be different? Old habits die hard but our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors are ready for an upgrade. Learn to lean into this fan-freakin-tastic opportunity to be the change we thirst for in the world through our own evolution. From the ashes the Phoenix rises. From the fertile void we can create anything. Together we’ll build something more beautiful for ourselves and each other. Let’s do this!

Sessions include gentle yoga, guided meditations, group discussions and exercises, dance breaks and more. Enter this experience with an open mind and leave empowered to embrace the best version of yourself and shine divine.

Also included in the course:

  • Daily Devotionals: Savor inspirational mantras, reflections and questions delivered by text to enhance your experience through this journey.
  • Class Recordings: Receive the yoga classes and meditations we practice together for use throughout the course and beyond to integrate your growth and learning more deeply.
  • Private FB Group: Stay connected to each other between sessions to share insights, resources and to support one another as you feel called to.

Sessions through ZOOM Friday’s from 7-10pm EST. Dec. 11, 18 2020 and Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29 2021. This is a closed group Limited to 10 participants. Further details upon registration.   

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Listen to my IG Live post from when I first shared about this offering. Click HERE to view.

How to enroll:

Simply choose a payment option and you’re in! If you don’t see the payment button anymore, we’ve filled up. Email to request a second group. Since times are tight for many I’m offering a lower rate, sliding scale and sponsorship. I will sponsor 1 spot. 

Full Payment: $249

Sliding Scale 1: $199

Sliding Scale 1: $149

Sliding Scale 3: $99

Self plus sponsorship: $329

Request to be sponsored: $25 (to be returned if none available)

Sliding Scale