Calm in the Chaos: a self-care immersion

“To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable to tap into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life.”

-Jill Bolte Taylor

It’s crazy out there, am I right!? When I was reflecting on what kind of workshop I wanted to start back with, this phrase came to mind; calm in the chaos. I dropped into a daydream of the studio filled once again with women moving intuitively, meditating in unison, laughing, crying and then surrendering into delicious restorative poses. Sure there’s a lot going on in the world and we still need and deserve to take care of ourselves. I’m also excited to pass along some fresh practice stragegies from recent trainings I’ve done around trauma and how we can settle our nervous systems, heart and minds here amidst the wildness of the world.

Though I can’t exactly fill the studio like before, I am comfortable opening the space to a small in-person group. Additionally, we’ll ZOOM in others who’d like to join virtually. Here’s the deets:

Four sacred sessions on Saturdays this fall: 

    • Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 2021
    • 1-5pm EST snacks, coffee, tea, kombucha for live attendees (6 max)*
    • Gentle and restorative yoga practices
    • Guided meditations
    • Chakra rituals to support healing individual and collective trauma patterning
    • Journaling and creative expression exercises
    • Closed Facebook Group Sept. 18-Dec. 31

Investment for in-person 4 session series: $249

Virtual Pass for 4 session series: $149

Reserve your spot with 30%. Remainder to be paid by second session.


*COVID vaccines required for in-person sessions.